Food For Kids, Inc.
Training Academy

Food For Kids Training Academy offers a variety of accessible on-line training and take home training. On-line and take home (by mail) training gives you the opportunity to access training modules at your own pace and at anytime.

Food For Kids Training Academy is continuing education provider for the State of Texas.

The following list below is a sample of what courses you can access on-line or at home:

  • A Healthier Future – 5 CE hours – A study of food preparation, kitchen conditions, sanitation, food-borne illness, and overall healthy habits in food service.
  • It’s the Way You Say It – 1 CE hour – A study on effective ways to communicate to children in a way that is positive and “building”.
  • Sanitation and Health – 5 CE hours – A study of food and health sanitation.
  • Shaken Baby & SIDS – 1 CE hour – A study of how to prevent and recognize shaken baby syndrome and SIDS.
  • Teaching Parents of Young Children– 2 ½ CE hours – A study of assisting parents with developing a sense of self-worth, a solid self-image, success, helping children learn right from wrong, discipline, different ages and stages development, communication words and guidance, protecting children from abuse, and building brains and bodies.
  • Menu Planning & Quantities – 2 ½ CE hours –  A study on planning a menu for CACFP that meets the requirement for each age group of children
  • CN Labels vs. Nutrition Fact Labels – 1 ½ CE hour – A study to assist you in reading a CN label and a nutrition fact label and the differences between the two different kind of labels and what they are each used for
  • Understanding Food Labels – 1 CE hour- A study of understanding what each standard item on a food label means toward your health
  • Aim, Choose, Build (English & Spanish available) – 3 CE hours- A study of assisting children with building good health and eating choices
  • Children + Cooking=Training (English & Spanish available) – 2 ½ CE hours – A study of learning to teach children on nutritious eating through the children assisting in cooking exercises
  • More is Better – 2 CE hours – A study explaining the importance of more fruits and vegetables and teaching the importance to the children in your care
  • Creditable Snacks – 1 CE hour- A study developed for learning a couple of creditable snacks (for CACFP) delicious and fun for the children
  • Picky Eaters – 2 CE hours – A study to assist you in getting the children (and yourself) to try new food items that are beautiful in color, texture, and taste
  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Part I (Purchasing) – 1 CE hour – A study designed to teach how to properly purchase fruits and vegetables to get the freshest, healthiest fruits & vegetables
  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Part II (Storing) – 1 CE hour – A study designed to teach you how to properly store fresh fruits and vegetables after you have purchased the freshest and healthiest of the bunch
  • Disaster Planning (English & Spanish available)  – 1 ½ hours on planning for natural disasters.
  • Getting Organized – 1 CE hour – getting your business organized and running effectively.
  • Off to A Good Start –2 CE hours- helping day homes and day care centers get “Off to A Good Start” in CACFP.
  • Spanish Courses – CE hours vary on subject

Food For Kids Training Academy also offers services to assist you in the on-going activities of daily business operations. The following is a sample of services provided:

  • Set up Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet for:
    Taxes, Payroll and Payroll Stubs, Mic.
  • Set Up Quicken “101”
  • Excel “101”
  • How to develop posters, flyers, newsletters, etc. “101”
  • Develop Employee Handbooks and Policies
  • Organization of office
  • Develop Confidentiality and Procurement Statements, as well as Procurement Policies
  • First Aid/ CPR
  • Train Cook and Staff
    Quantities, Portion Size, Serving Size
    Family Style and Unit Style Servings
    Health and Sanitation

Food For Kids Training Academy is pleased to announce that director’s training for day care centers coming soon.

For further information on additional service and/or quote on services,
please call 713-669-9302, ext 302 or 1-866-803-KIDS (5437).